PortQryUI – Skype for Business Edition

One of the main cause of issues in S4B/Lync implementations is firewall configurations. When you have access to firewall directly or through your direct report, everything is easier but if there is a third party in between, that can introduce problems.

Many times I’ve received “All done as requested” as an answer but after some tests/verifications I found that firewall was still blocking communications.

To help in these type of tests, I’ve modified the default config.xml file of the PortQryUI tool to test/check S4B/Lync and related services.

These are all the services/ports that can be tested with it.

  • Front End Pool
  • Back End Pool
  • Internal Edge Pool
  • External Edge Access
  • External Edge Conferencing
  • External Edge A/V
  • Networking (DNS, DHCP)
  • Domains and Trusts
  • WAC Server
  • Exchange Server

These are the articles I used as a reference:

All you have to do is replace/rename the config.xml file in the PortQryUI folder with this one and you’re done.

This is how it will look like:


Config (4.8 KiB, 478 downloads)

I’ll keep you posted!

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